1 Year VIP Rascals Membership


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To all of our loyal fans! Rascals is excited to see the state working at reopening businesses, thus moving closer to opening our doors up once again. This has been a trying time, as you can well imagine. We are looking for a kick start to help us open up again as strong as ever! 

Announcing the Rascals VIP Program! We are looking for the first 200 fans to donate $100 in return for VIP treatment. (So it’s really NOT a donation…you get a killer package with it!) The VIP Program will include the following:

  1. Personalized VIP Membership Card (Will mail after ordered) 
  2. Rascals COVID-19 mask (Will mail after ordered)
  3. 1 full year of  VIP treatment from date of opening
  4. 30% off of all door charges (excludes ticketed events)
  5. VIP Rascals T-Shirt
  6. End of year VIP Party with food, appetizers & entertainment
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